SMC V2000 Horizontal Log Stacker - Cleaned & Checked

SMC V2000 Horizontal Log Stacker - Cleaned & Checked

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SMC V2000 Horizontal Log Stacker - Cleaned & Checked

Maximize your material handling efficiency with our SMC V2000 Horizontal Log Stacker. This machine, thoroughly cleaned and checked, is ready to meet a variety of log stacking needs without the extensive cost of a full rebuild.

Key Features:

  • Operator Flexibility: Configurable for Left-Hand (LH) or Right-Hand (RH) operation, accommodating over 30,000 IPH+.
  • Multiple Stacker Belts: Features 5 stacker belts, enhancing both handling and stacking efficiency.
  • Bundle Opening Size: Capable of handling a wide range of bundle sizes from a minimum of 15” to a maximum of 42”.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: All guards have been removed for a thorough clean, checked for proper function, and reinstalled. Chain tension has been carefully set.
  • Component Check: Each component has been meticulously inspected. Any broken parts have been repaired to ensure operational readiness.
  • Strapping: Includes a Dynaric/Strapack strapper that has been refurbished to maintain reliable and effective operation.
  • Power Supply: Operates efficiently on 480 VAC, 3 Phase power.
  • New Belts: Fitted with new belts to ensure peak performance.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 30-day warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

This SMC V2000 Horizontal Log Stacker is a cost-effective solution, ideal for operations looking to enhance their productivity with a reliable, pre-owned machine. Tested and ready to go, this stacker represents a smart investment for your material handling needs.


ModelV2000 Horizontal Log Stacker - Cleaned & Checked
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