ARO (Ingersoll Rand) Ink Pumps - 650875-C4E-C

ARO (Ingersoll Rand) Ink Pumps - 650875-C4E-C

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Manufacturer: ARO (Ingersoll Rand)

Model: 650875-C4E-C

Type: Tote Ink Pumps

QTY: 16

They can be used with many fluids involved in the printing process, including liquid ink, heavy ink and solvents used for flushing.

Because of their reliability and low pulsation, ARO ink pumps are well suited for printing applications such as:

  • Water-based ink or solvent-based ink transfer from ink pails or drums to printing machines
  • Solvent transfer from barrels to vessels for cleaning or flushing
  • Lacquer transfer from barrels or tanks to the coating machine


ManufacturerARO (Ingersoll Rand)
ModelInk Pumps - 650875-C4E-C
Stock Number3682778
ManufacturerARO (Ingersoll Rand)
TypeTote Ink Pumps