1990 Goss Urbanite (4) Tower (4) Web Offset Newspaper Press System 22.75" (578mm) Cutoff

1990 Goss Urbanite (4) Tower (4) Web Offset Newspaper Press System 22.75" (578mm) Cutoff

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1990 Goss Urbanite (4) Tower (4) Web Offset Newspaper Press System

22.75" (578mm) cutoff x 36" (915mm)


The Goss Urbanite web press is engineered for high-performance newspaper printing, featuring four 3-high stacked units and dual folders, capable of handling up to four webs simultaneously. This robust system offers a 22.75" cutoff and a maximum web width of 36", ideal for high-volume production environments.


  • Cutoff: 22.75" (578mm)
  • Web Width: Maximum 36" (915mm)
  • Rated Speed: 50,000 impressions per hour (IPH) straight, 25,000 IPH collect
  • Print Units: Four (4) Goss Urbanite 3-High Stacked Units
  • Folders: One (1) Goss Urbanite Half-page Rotary Folder known as U-1416

Features Included:

  • Dampening System: Sock dampening for consistent ink coverage
  • Inking: GMI Remote inking for precise ink distribution
  • Plate Lock-Up: Spring tension with register pin
  • Blanket Cylinder: Standard “T” bar lock-up
  • Ink Fountain: Drop down with levers for easy adjustments
  • Register Control: Manual, with pneumatic throw-offs
  • Compensation: Full-page motorized linear compensators atop stacks; manual in arches


  • Capacity: Handles up to 36" web width, performing at speeds up to 50,000 copies per hour straight
  • Features: Includes an upper former for enhanced folding accuracy

Auxiliary Equipment:

  • Drive System: Parker digital drive system backed by one 125 HP motor
  • Control Consoles: Two operator consoles for centralized control, plus one GMI Remote ink console


  • Units: Four (4) Jardis splicers with infeeds and airshafts
  • Features: Built-in hoist and rewinders on each rollstand

Included Equipment:

  • (4) Jardis Splicers
  • (4) Goss Urbanite 3-High Towers
  • (1) GMI Remote Ink Desk
  • (1) Press Control Console
  • (1) Goss Urbanite Folder U-1416
  • (1) Integrated Motor and Drive System

This Goss Urbanite press system is designed for publishers who require a dependable, high-capacity printing solution. Its comprehensive setup and advanced features make it a prime choice for any demanding print operation looking to boost productivity and maintain high-quality standards. Contact us today for more details or to schedule a viewing.


ModelUrbanite (4) Tower (4) Web Offset Newspaper Press System 22.75" (578mm) Cutoff
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