2009 ABG Digicon Series 2

2009 ABG Digicon Series 2

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Introducing the 2009 ABG Digicon Series 2, a versatile 13-inch used digital finisher that's loaded with features to elevate your finishing capabilities. This outstanding machine comes equipped with:

  • Flexo Print Station with Re-Registration: Achieve precise and vibrant prints with the flexo print station featuring re-registration capabilities.
  • Hot Air Drying: Ensure quick and efficient drying of your printed materials, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.
  • Lamination: Add a layer of protection and quality to your finished products with integrated lamination capabilities.
  • Waste Rewind: Streamline your production process by efficiently managing waste material with the waste rewind feature.
  • 2 Product Rewinds: Increase efficiency and organization with two product rewind stations, ideal for managing multiple outputs.
  • Semi-Rotary Die Station with Re-Registration: Achieve precision in die-cutting with the semi-rotary die station and re-registration functionality.

This 2009 ABG Digicon Series 2 is a powerhouse of a machine, designed to meet the demands of modern digital finishing. Whether you're looking for exceptional print quality, efficient drying, or precise finishing, this digital finisher has the features you need.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your finishing capabilities and streamline your production process. Contact us today to learn more about this incredible offer!

Equipment Specifications:

2009 AB Graphics Digicon Series 2

Year: 2009

Manufacturer: AB Graphics

Model: Digicon Series 2

Width: 13" (340mm Width)

Serial Number: Upon Request

  • Right to Left Configuration.
  • Unwind Section
  • 13" (340mm Width)
  • Flexo Unit is working and in good condition.
  • Laminate Unit is working and in good condition.
  • Die Cut Unit is working and in good condition.
  • Slitting Unit is working and in good condition.
  • GEW UV drying.


ModelDigicon Series 2
Stock Number3682699
ModelDigicon Series 2
Width13" (340mm Width)