2012 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (8) Unit Duplex Web Press System 96pp

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2012 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (8) Unit Duplex Web Press System 96pp


Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. proudly presents a unique opportunity to acquire a late model Man Roland LITHOMAN-IV commercial web offset press system. This precision printing system comprises twin 48-page commercial web offset presses, in a stacked arrangement.

Here are its key features:

Installation Year: The press was installed in 2012, ensuring modern design and functionality.

Specifications: The machine has a repeat of 22.5" (570 mm) Cylinder circumference of 45" (1140mm), Web Width 57.5" (1460mm) and can achieve astounding speeds up to 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour.

Highly Versatile: This system can seamlessly transition between long and short production runs, ensuring optimal flexibility for varied printing needs.

Operational Flexibility: The dual presses can function independently, each handling 48-page productions, or they can be duplexed to produce a 96 pages.

Cutting-Edge Automation: The press is embellished with top-of-the-line automation features, including: Advanced color control, Precision cut-off control & Optimal ink density management.

PPL Power Plate Loading: With the Full PPL power plate loading feature, plate changes become rapid and effortless.

PECOM Process Electronics: This ensures control over all press functions, guaranteeing consistent, high-quality products.

Acquiring this Man Roland LITHOMAN-IV system is a strategic investment, perfectly suited for those who prioritize quality, efficiency, and versatility in their print productions. Secure it now and elevate your printing prowess to unparalleled heights.

2012 MANROLAND LITHOMAN IV Web Offset Press System


Year: 2012

Cylinder circumference: 45" (1140mm)

Cutoff: 22.5" (570mm)

Web Width: 57.5" (1460mm)

Cylinder revolutions, max: 45.000 IPH

Printing Units: 8 Units

Format: 4 x 4 Duplexed Stacked Configuration

Webs: 2

Pages: 96


ManufacturerMAN Roland
ModelLithoman IV (8) Unit Duplex Web Press System 96pp
Stock Number3682676
ManufacturerMAN ROLAND
ModelLithoman IV
Cylinder circumference45" (1140mm)
Printing repeats22.5" (570mm)
Web Width57.5" (1460mm)
Cylinder revolutions, max.45.000 IPH
Units8 Units
DeliveryMAN Roland 2:5:5 Combination Folder