2005 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (4) Unit Web Offset Press 64pp 22.5" (570mm) Cutoff

2005 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (4) Unit Web Offset Press 64pp 22.5" (570mm) Cutoff

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2005 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (4) Unit Web Offset Press

22.5" (570mm) Cutoff x 78" (1980 mm) Width

Equipped with:

(1) Megtec Flying Splicer Model DLC

(1) Manroland Constant tension Infeed with E & L web guide

(1) Motorized webbing-up system

(4) Manroland Lithoman high precision blanket-to-blanket printing units, 2:2 Plate to Blanket, motorized sidelay and circumferential register, Oxydry blanket washers hydromix Dampening, Remote Inking, semi-automatic power plate loading (PPL), Fully shaftless, Maximum roll width: 78" (1980 mm), Cutoff: 22.5" (570mm), Cylinder circumference 44.89” (1140mm), 64 page format 

(1) Megtec Dual Dry III Gas fired dryer 

(1) Pecom Control Console 

(2) Remote Ink Consoles

(1) Fully shaftless press drive system

(1) Manroland 6 roll Chill Stand

(1) E & L Web Guides 

(1) GMI Closed Loop Color Control

(1) Quad Tech RGS V Automatic Register System

(1) Manroland Folder Superstructure for One Web 1 fully motorized and remotely controlled Equipped with

(1) Silicone Applicator

(1) Planatol gluing and softening device 

(1) Driven drag roller with pressure roller for full web width

(1) slitting device in front of the turner bars to slit the web into 5 ribbons

(5) pairs of motorized turner bars drag rollers, one for each ribbon

(5) compensators for the cut-off register

(5) QTI photoelectric cut-off register control systems

(5) Erhard & Leimer wed edge aligners to align the ribbons

(1) Driven roller-top-of-former

(1) Perforating device integrated in the former

(1) Manroland 2:5:5 Combination Folder with Inline Stitching or Gluing, inline trimming 

(1) Motter stitcher with 3 stitching heads

(1) QTI Cutoff Controls

(1) Technotrans Water Circulation


ManufacturerMAN Roland
ModelLithoman IV (4) Unit Web Offset Press 64pp 22.5" (570mm) Cutoff
Stock Number3682627
ManufacturerMAN Roland
ModelLithoman IV
Cutoff22.5" (570mm)
Cylinder Circumference45" (1140mm)
Web Width78" (1980 mm) Width
Max pages64 Page
DeliveryManroland 2:5:5 Combination Folder