2003 DGM 440 (18) Unit 22.75" x 36" (4) 4-High + (1) 2-High Tower

2003 DGM 440 (18) Unit 22.75" x 36" (4) 4-High + (1) 2-High Tower

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2003 DGM 440 18 Unit 22.75" x 36" (4) 4-High (1) 2-HighTower

Equipped with:

  • (4) Four High Configurations
  • (1) Two High Configuration
  • (2) DGM 1035 Folders.
  • (1) Compliment of Auxiliary Components as listed


  • DGM 440 - 3 Form Rollers & Bearers

  • Constant tension infeeds w web guides on the entrance to the 4 highs

  • QTI RGS IV Automatic Register Control System 

  • Perretta Remote Ink System

  • DGM combination folder with QTI auto cutoff control

  • Rated speed of 40,000 impressions per hour.

  • Maximum web width of 36" (915mm)

  • Cut-off length of 22.75” (578mm)

  • Spiral brush Dampener.

  • Variable speed control for each water fountain roller with press speed tracking. Master water control and flood button at console.

  • Ten (10) roller ink train consisting of: (1) 6" Steel ink fountain roller; (1) High Density Plastic micrometric roller; (3) Copper finish vibrator rollers; (2) ink transfer rollers; (3) Rubber covered ink form rollers. Form roller settings all include new selflocking adjustments. Form rollers actuated by air cylinders mounted inside frame eliminating four (4) cross shafts. Micrometric roller is equipped with pneumatic throw-off. New ink oscillator housings allow timing of 10 & 13 side oscillators prior to installation and increased speeds.

  • Motorized ink fountain roller, with quick charge motorized override at unit.

  • Drop down ink fountain prepared for Perretta Remote Inking. Controlling 25 ink zones at each fountain with Perretta blades

  • Motorized On-the-Run adjustment of plate cylinder sidelay. Calibrated movement of+/- .125". Adjustable from the operator console.

  • Motorized On-the-Run adjustment of# 10 side plate cylinder circumferential register. Calibrated movement of+/- .0625". Adjustable from the operator console.

  • Motorized On the Run unit to unit register adjustment. Calibrated movement of
  • +/- .250". Adjustable from the operator console.

  • Fan out rollers at each Four-High (mounted on four (4) towers).

  • Motorized web compensators, (total 9).

  • Plate and blanket cylinders are solid stainless steel. Dynamically balanced and supported by preloaded tapered roller bearings.

  • Plate cylinder undercut for .008" plates.

  • Standard blanket cylinder undercut of .081".

  • Slot gap plate cylinder lock-up with center pin register. (.062" gap)

  • Reel Rod Blanket lock-up (3/8" no print).

  • 420 ESR Stainless Steel Alloy Bearers on Blanket Cylinders.

  • Splined internal unit shafts, with hardened ring and pinion gears. Unit E Stop and jam protection via precision torqued slip rim at Ring and Pinion drive gear.

  • Extended frame and eccentrics for plate cylinder bores, with stubby journals on plate cylinders.

  • Box covers (refrigerator door) on units.

  • Safety interlocks and open interlock indicator lights on unit.

  • Oil lubricated gear train. Operator side vibrators, eccentric bores, and cylinder bearings are oil lubricated from the gear side oil housing, with a return line to the gear side. All towers equipped with new base 20-gallon reservoir oiling system. Single electric powered pump per tower with low pressure warning. Includes oil filtration system with bypass alarm.

  • Operator side unit controls include: Safe/Stop/Ready selector, Inch button.




  • Two (2) DGM 1035 Folders 22 ¾" cutoff, Rated speed of 40,000cph for up to 6 webs. Features Included:
  • Tall, steep angle 72 degree angle former board, drilled for air.





  • One (1) Ternes semi auto plate bender.

  • One (1) Ternes manual plate punch.

  • Three (3) Jardis FS-4536-13 tandem splicers, (total 6 splicers) Including remote tension & sidelay and six (6) spare core shafts.

  • Two of the splicers to have dual unwind capability, all splicers include "time to splice" displays on console.

  • Four (4) Jardis JI-200-lG infeeds with web guides.

  • One (1) Prisco Tech AquaFlo II 1600 refrigerated water supply system.

  • All unit throw-offs are pneumatically actuated from operator consoles in manual mode. Sequence timing of pneumatics is automatic, and adjustable from the operator console. (Includes pneumatic throw-off of micrometric roller  and  ink form ro11ers).

  • Continuous Platforms with ramps, railings, and stairways. Platforms, railings, and stairways will conform to all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

  • Set of special tools for press, including iron gauges, parts manuals, and service manuals.

  • DGM Ultrasonic web break detectors, 2 systems with 11 two head bars (total).

  • Six (6) DGM clutch and electrical switches.

  • One (1) Jardis heavy duty dual web angle bar with blower.

  • Two (2) Jardis three web angle bars with blower.

  • Four (4) Eurotherm Digital 150 H.P Drives, mounted two per folder.

  • Two (2) Fuji 2.5HP former blowers.

  • Two (2) DGM 440 Press operator consoles including, press controls, touch screen QTI RMS 2000 motorization panels, pneumatics, Gross and Net copy counters, and IPH Meter and Jardis "time to splice" monitors..


Model440 (18) Unit 22.75" x 36" (4) 4-High + (1) 2-High Tower
Stock Number3682587
Cutoff22.75” (578mm)
Max web width36" (915mm)
TypeCommercial Coldset Web Press
Format(4) 4-High (1) 2-HighTowers
Features3 Form Rollers & Bearers