2005 KBA Compacta C215 (8) Unit (2) Web Offset Press System 22.75" (578mm) Cutoff

No longer available

2005 KBA Compacta C215 (8) Unit (2) Web Offset Press System 22.75" (578mm) Cutoff


2005 KBA C215 (8) Unit (2) Web Offset Press

Cutoff: 22.75” (578 mm) x Web width: 38” (965 mm)

Max. speed: 55.000 IPH

Equipped with:

(2) KBA PASTOSTAR RC splicer

(1) KBA PATRAS M reel feeder system

(1) KBA EZW Double pass infeed unit with E+L web guide system

(8) KBA Compacta C215 Printing units with Semi-automatic plate change system

(1) Baldwin WebCatcher S18

(2) MegTec Dual Dry III 108-1000 dryers for double web production

(2) KBA KWS/CE web chill unit with 4 chilling cylinders including cylinder cleaning system

(2) Weko WFG silicone application system

(2) E+L web guide unit

(1) KBA folder superstructure with turner bar system for two webs

(1) KBA C215- F3 folder with Tabloid, Quarter fold and Cross fold delivery

(1) KBA press control system with:

a) Drivetronic

b) Ergotronic with 2 consoles

c) Colortronic with 2 consoles


(1) QI Press Controls register system

(1) QI Press Controls CLC system

(1) QI Press Controls Cutoff control

(1) Baldwin R500 blanket wash-up devise

(1) Planatol 8 MOD-DMP glue/softening system

(1) Plate bender

(1) Technotrans Delta D200 W dampening system


ModelCompacta C215 (8) Unit (2) Web Offset Press System 22.75" (578mm) Cutoff
Stock Number3682580
Cutoff22.75” (578 mm)
Max web width38” (965 mm)
TypeCommercial Heatset Web Press
Format8 Units 2 Webs
Pages32 Page
FeaturesSemi-automatic plate change system
Max. speed55.000 IPH