2009 KBA Patras Paper Roll Handling System 75" (1905mm) Width

2009 KBA Patras Paper Roll Handling System 75" (1905mm) Width

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2009 KBA Patras Paper Roll Handling System

Width: 75" (1905mm) x OD: 50" (1270mm)

KBA Patras is an automated paper roll splicing and logistics system equipped with automated paper roll supply and stub removal.

KBA Patras Roll Handling System:

  • The Patras paper transport system is module-based to support a wide range of versions from manual to automatic paper roll loading, with transfer table, rails and reel truck, to a complete integrated paper roll logistics system, having the ability for custom-configurations to meet a combination of material demand scenarios.

KBA Stripping Station:

  • Foot-operated controls and driven rollers for raising the paper roll to the required height enable the wrapping to be removed quickly and with a minimum of waste. 

KBA Eco Splice:

  • Equipped with (2) Eco Splice systems with automatic splice-preparation line set up for a high output. The automatic splice preparation and paper roll changing improve production efficiency and simplify roll handling by reducing operator errors and cutting preparation times.

Overhead Crane Paper Lifting & Transport System:

  • (2) Pesmel Roll Cranes w/ Max 2500 kg capacity systems on rail track.

Paper Inventory Overhead Racking Storage System:

  • Efficiently and effectively store your roll stock inventory and retrieve specific paper rolls on demand. Improve roll stock capacity and reduce paper storage floor space with vertical Racking and roll retrieval system, 400 + Roll capacity.


ModelPatras Paper Roll Handling System 75" (1905mm) Width
Stock Number9498
Width 75" (1905mm)
O.D.50" (1270mm)
TypeRoll Handling Transport & Inventory Management System