2018 Desktop Metal Studio 1 - 3D Printing System

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2018 Desktop Metal Studio 1 - 3D Printing System


2018 Desktop Metal Studio 1 - 3D Printing System

Office-friendly metal 3D printing - prototypes & one off parts

Equipped with:

  • (1) Printer - The Studio printer extrudes bound metal rods, shaping the “green part” through Bound Metal Deposition™. This process is similar to the safest and most widely-used 3D printing process—Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and eliminates safety concerns associated with metal 3D printing.

  • (1) Debinder station - The green part is transferred to the Studio debinder where it is immersed in Desktop Metal’s proprietary debinding fluid. The primary binding material is removed in order to prepare the part for sintering. The debinder is safe for use in an office environment and does not require any external ventilation.

  • (1) Furnace - The Studio furnace heats parts to just below their melting point, fusing metal particles to form fully dense parts without residual stresses introduced in laser-based processes. Fully automated and sized to fit through a doorway, the furnace delivers industrial-strength sintering in an office-friendly package.

Build volume:

w 30 x d 20 x h 20 cm

(12 x 8 x 8 in)

Max part dimensions (post-shrink):

w 25.5 x d 17 x h 17 cm

(10 x 6.7 x 6.7 in)

Print heads:

Dual, quick-release

print heads 50 μm


ManufacturerDesktop Metal
ModelStudio 1 - 3D Printing System
Stock Number9439