2012 Komori Chambon

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2012 Komori Chambon


2012 Komori-Chambon Lithographic Web Offset Printing Press

Machine Type 8 7KL type 1010 mm sleeve offset

width: 40"

Equipped with:

Reel to reel only on twelve inch cores.

Eight print decks (EB Inks).

One reverse flexographic print deck (thermal cure): Menschick Type FDT-10.25.

One hole punch unit.

Web flow from right to left from operator’s point of view.

Substrate: film, paper, cardboard or laminated board.

Printing width range 510 to 1020 mm.

Print-to-print register accuracy +/- 0.05 mm, up to 8 units, depending on substrate, for 95% of

product. Eltromat Registar 20 system.

The printing is effected wet-on-wet then passes through an electron beam dryer, which cures all

colours at the same time.

Print plate repeat (cylinder circumference) infinitely variable from 550 to 1100 mm, with 3 mm

non-printed gap.

Blanket repeat (cylinder circumference) infinitely variable from 680 to 1100 mm, with 9 mm

non-printed gap.

Available print repeat cylinders: 999 mm: 22 Plate and 11 Blanket.

945 mm: 16 Plate and 8 Blanket.

888 mm: 16 Plate and 9 Blanket.

791.7 mm: 16 Plate and 9 Blanket.

796.64 mm: 16 Plate and 8 Blanket.

33 Ink keys per deck.

Up to 375 metres per minute.

Dual turret Martin Automatic unwind Model MCB 12-40-72: refer Appendix 1.

Web cleaner.

Corona treater capable of treating non-conductive substrates in preparation for printing: Enercon

Compak 2000.

Fife web guide Model Fife-SYMAT 200.

Eltromat Twin Check line camera and Eltromat WebVideo Star 500 area camera used to detect

print faults.

PCT Engineering Systems electron beam dryer Model LE-54-110-90-BA-I-S-LS-A-E-50.

Martin Automatic dual turret rewind Model TR 12-40-72: refer Appendix 2.

Plate Bender: Nela

Komori-Chambon Plate Mounter.


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