M600 CPTronics Replacement and Motion Control Upgrade

M600 CPTronics Replacement and Motion Control Upgrade

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Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. can replace the obsolete proprietary CPTronics controls on any M600 press system. We also offer a similar upgrade for most any used press system. Please contact us for more information.

  • The CPTronics control system is becoming increasingly more expensive to maintain in parts and also due to a limited base of qualified technicians.

  • The replacement control system will build upon the successful control upgrades that MSGRP has previously performed on M600’s and other press systems.

  • The upgrade will replace the CPTronics electronics including main drives, main press console electronics, ink and water drives plus all electronics in the drive side control cabinets.

  • This upgrade will locate the new controls in the existing electronic cabinet lineup instead of in new machine mounted enclosures. This approach will shorten the installation time considerably.

  • All IO cables will be replaced between the cabinets and the press components. For this upgrade, we will upgrade the CPTronics color control desk to utilize the same component as the main press console. The two consoles will have both press control and color control capability (see picture ).