Bringing Sophistication and Efficiency to Binding Operations

We are thrilled to announce the sale of a 2004 Muller Martini Corona C18 (18) Station Perfect Binding Line with (41) Clamps to the North American printing market. This sale marks another milestone in our ongoing relationship with our long term customer, for whom we had the pleasure of providing a similar C13 Binder two years ago.

The Muller Martini Corona C18: A Benchmark of Quality

The Muller Martini Corona C18 is renowned for its robustness and efficiency in high-volume binding operations. This particular line has been meticulously maintained and is equipped with features designed to optimize the binding process, including:

  • (18) Muller Martini Base stations
  • (4) Muller Martini Reverse feeders
  • (1) Muller Martini Tip on unit
  • (1) Muller Martini 3691 gathering line
  • (13) Muller stream feeders model #3738
  • And many more specialized components for a seamless binding experience.

Comprehensive Service

Our offering encompasses not just the sale of this Corona C18 Binder but also the full service of removal, shipment, and installation. We understand the complexities involved in relocating such precision machinery, and our team of experts ensures a transition as smooth and efficient sale process.

Proven Success

The successful integration of the C13 Binder into our customer's operations sets the precedent for the C18 to follow. With features like Reverse Bound feeders, Tip-on units, Stacking, Paper wrapping, Cross strapping, Palletizing, Onsert unit before stacker, and Bi-liner inserting, this perfect binding line promises to enhance productivity and exceed performance expectations.

Your Partner in Print

At Machinery Solutions Group, Inc., we pride ourselves on not just selling machines but delivering solutions that drive business growth. As your partner in print, we are committed to equipping you with the best the industry has to offer. Reach out to us today to discuss your perfect binding and post press finishing needs.