⚙️The Jersey City Project: A Showcase of Expertise and Precision

In August 2022, Machinery Solutions Group took on a remarkable challenge: liquidating a vast, state-of-the-art printing plant in Jersey City, NJ. Covering 600,000 square feet, this facility was not just a massive space but a complex puzzle of advanced printing, mailroom, and plant equipment. Our task was not just to sell the equipment but to coordinate a global auction, manage contractors, and ensure a complete clear-out of the plant, all within a firm deadline.

⚙️Seamless Coordination and Execution

Our journey started with detailed planning. Working closely with contractors and the New York Daily News, we carefully planned every step. From removing press support equipment to disconnecting and preparing for the reinstallation of machinery, our team expertly managed the logistics, shipping over 175 flatbed trucks worth of equipment to buyers worldwide.

⚙️Systematic Equipment Removal

The heart of our project was the meticulous dismantling of a wide range of equipment, including KBA Commander CT Presses, splicer systems, cranes, forklifts, machine shop equipment, and much more. Each piece required careful handling and strategic planning for removal.

⚙️Diligent Dismantling and Safe Shipping

Starting in August 2022, we tackled every aspect of the dismantling process. This included not only the complex machinery but also office demolitions and furniture removals from over 50 offices. By November, we were shipping equipment to buyers, marking a key milestone in the project.

⚙️Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Safety was our top priority. We conducted extensive safety briefings and implemented rigorous protocols, especially for high-risk tasks like ink tank dismantling. Our auction in September showed the effectiveness of our approach, with active bidding and efficient equipment disposition.

⚙️Final Stages and Complete Clearance

By early 2023, significant progress was made in clearing the site. We successfully completed the removal of the ink farm and the mailroom by January 31, 2023 meeting our deadlines.

⚙️Spotlight on the KBA Commander CT Press System

A highlight of this project was the 2010 KBA Commander CT Press System, a marvel of modern printing technology. Its advanced features and high production speed showcased the high-value assets we managed.

⚙️Conclusion: Proving Our Industry Leadership

This Jersey City project was a testament to Machinery Solutions Group's unmatched project management skills, efficiency, and technical expertise. It solidifies our reputation as industry leaders in complete plant purchases, asset disposition, major auctions, and complex removals. We're ready to bring this same level of excellence to future projects, continuously exceeding customer expectations.

⚙️ Reference Statement from Building Owner: "Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. has done an outstanding job on a most difficult project. So much so that I plan to inform our VP's of operation that Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. should now be considered a "preferred vendor". We have a number of similar projects in the hopper already. We're impressed with their thorough work and look forward to finalizing our agreement, confident in their ability to meet all lease obligations. Their exceptional performance on this project sets a high standard."

- Bill, Building Owner