2013 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (8) Unit Duplex Web Press system

2013 MAN Roland Lithoman IV (8) Unit Duplex Web Press system

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Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. has the rare opportunity to offer this Man Roland LITHOMAN-IV commercial web offset press system. The machine consists of (2) 48-page commercial web offset presses installed in 2013 and has a repeat of 22.5" (570 mm) with a maximum speed of 45.000 cylinder rev./hour. The press is equipped with automation features such as color control, cut-off control and ink density control, Full PPL power plate loading, PECOM process electronics to control all press functions. The machine is suitable long and short production runs. The presses can operate as separate 48 page machines or duplexed for 96 page production. 

2013 MANROLAND LITHOMAN IV Web Offset Press System


Year: 2012/2013

Cylinder circumference: 45" (1140mm)

Cutoff: 22.5" (570mm)

Web Width: 57.5" (1460mm)

Cylinder revolutions, max: 45.000 IPH

Units: 8 Unit

Format: 4 x 4 Left and Right Hand Duplexed

Webs: 2

Pages: 96

Equipped with:


(2) Manroland AUROload 2.1Automatic reel handling systems, make, type

(2) Reel splicers, make manroland, type DLC 3200 - automatic

(2) E+L, type ELSIS Web monitoring systems

(2) Web lead units in front of the printing units

(2) Webbing-up device

(8) MANROLAND LITHOMAN IV blanket-to-blanket printing units with automatic plate

loading (APL) and Roller lifting device

(2) OxyDry ProTech CW Automatic blanket washing devices

(2) Technotrans AG Ink supply system

(2) Technotrans AG, type delta.d Dampening solution supply system

(2) Web leading system

(2) Baldwin S18i DSA Automatic web catching device

(2) MEGTEC DualDry TNV 153 Dryers

(2) Manroland chill roll stands

(1) Manroland InkDensity Control measuring and control system

(2) WEKO Silicone applicator

(2) E+L digital Web alignment system

(2) Manroland Inline Registration Control S Color register control system

(2) Manroland Cut-off control system

(1) Ribbon cross over section to lead two ribbons from Press A to Press B

(1) Pin folder, make manroland, type PFC-251 system 2:5:5 for Press A

(1) Pin folder, make manroland, type PFC-252 system 2:5:5 for Press B

(1) Semi-automatic plate bender

(2) Central refrigeration units

(1) Machine control and process electronics

(1) Manroland PECOM Process electronics

(1) PressProductionManager (PPM)

(1) Interface to pre-press, make manroland, type IDI (Ink Density Interface)


ManufacturerMAN Roland
ModelLithoman IV (8) Unit Duplex Web Press system
Stock Number2415
ManufacturerMAN ROLAND
ModelLithoman IV
Cylinder circumference45" (1140mm)
Printing repeats22.5" (570mm)
Web Width57.5" (1460mm)
Cylinder revolutions, max.45.000 IPH
Units8 Unit
Pages48 or 96
Delivery2 Combination folders
Post PressFerag