2003 Goss M600C (4) Unit (1) Web Offset Press 22.75” (578mm)


2003 Goss M600C (4) Unit (1) Web Offset Press 22.75” (578mm)


2003 Goss M600C (4) Unit (1) Web Offset Press 578mm / 22.75" cutoff

Manufacturer: Goss / Heidelberg

Model: M600C

Year: 2003

Cutoff: 22.75” (578mm)

Width: 38” (965mm)

Webs: 1

Serial: MC-Y0431


Equipped with:


(1) Contiweb Splicer Model CS-10-102L S/N Serial CS-01225

(1) Integreated Infeed Model CS-10-102L S/N Serial CS-01225 with Weko Web Guide

(4) Goss M600C Print Units Non-Autoplate, Duotrol Dampening, Omnicolor remote inking, Oxy-Dry Brush Blanket Washers

S/ N MYC-YO-431

(1) 150KW drive motor with ABB drive

(1) Goss Web Catcher / Severer Model M 160 B1

(1) WEKO Web Break detection system

(1) Contiweb Dryer with Integrated pollution control Model: ECC105 102R-NG S/ N ECCO1147

(1) Goss 6-Roll Chill Stand S/N MCY-0431

(1) Goss folder superstructure and ribbon deck for 1 web S/ N MCY0169

(1) Scheffer Prefolder

(1) Goss JF-55 Combination Folder S/N MCY-0169 N147 equipped with Tabloid, Chopper, Double parallel and Delta Folds.

(1) Goss 8-page module for JF55 Folder

(1) Planatol Combijet gluing model 94109 with 5 glue heads

(1) Continental Industries LPA Blower

(1) Rima model RS 820 4 knife trimmer with bump turn

(1) Rima model RS-3110SL 13” compensating stacker

(1) Omnicolor Color Control console S/N 3M.150.9001

(1) Press Control console

(1) Quad Tech RGS V Register Control System S/N 943899.1.1

(1) Quad Tech Cutoff PPC3000x Control System

(1) Silicone Applicator

(1) Technotrans Model DELTA C Dampening Recirculator

(1) Nela Plate Bender


Stock Number1016887
Cutoff578mm / 22.75"
Width965mm / 38"
FormatFour unit single web Goss M600C 16 page commercial heatset web press equipped with JF50 folder + 4/8 page module.