2012 Tensor T460 Heat Set Web Press (installed 2014 new) 578mm / 22.75" Cutoff - 914mm / 36" width

2012 Tensor T460 Heat Set Web Press (installed 2014 new) 578mm / 22.75" Cutoff - 914mm / 36" width

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One 4 high tower with 4 Printing couples Heatset package Tensor H50 folder with quarter fold Jardis automatic splicer Twelve-roller continuous feed undershot inking systems geared to press speed Motorized ink fountain rollers Cut-off controlled by the unit drive motors Three (3) ink form rollers Three (3) ink oscillators Stainless steel clad cylinders Full helical gear train Slit style plate lock-ups Spiral brush dampener systems with independent variable speed dampener fountain rollers GMI Remote inking system Segmented ink fountain blades Insulated water trays Ink oscillators with nylon covering Nylon micrometrics Outer form rollers have large swing out positioning for easy access for plate change, with independent control. Drying System with Jardis Chill roll Remote Inking System. Dampening System. DCOS Controls. Drive System (Unit Shaftless). Press Protection. Register Guidance System. Chilling Unit. One (1) Tensor H-50 Heavy-Duty Jaw Folder 1:2:2 Folder geometry Single circumference knife cylinder Double circumference pin and tuck cylinder Double circumference jaw cylinder Quarter folder


ModelTensor T460
Ma. web width914 mm
Max. press speed40,000 iph
Motorized #10 and #13 side sidelay mechanisms for plate cylindersadjustment ±.160” (±4.06mm)
Motorized #10 side running circumferential register mechanism for plate cylindersadjustable to ±.060” (±1.5mm)
Form roller throw-off barslocated on the outside of the rollers, eliminating ink build up on the inside of the rollers