We're excited to share a notable success story at Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. - the re-sale of a 2004 Heidelberg Mercury (2) Tower (4) Web Press System within the USA!

πŸ” The Journey Begins: This journey began years ago when our team, led by Tom and Justin, sourced this exceptional machine from the Romanian Government's Print operations. Demonstrating our expertise, we managed its removal, shipment, and custom modifications, tailoring it for a specific trade book product mix.

πŸ”„ Full Circle Success: Fast forward to the present, we've come full circle, purchasing the Heidelberg Mercury back from its original installation site. We're thrilled to have sold it for the second time to a new customer producing a similar trade book. πŸ“š

🀝 Negotiating Excellence: We pride ourselves on negotiating the best possible printing solutions for our clients. Our team efficiently managed the transaction, ensuring minimal risk for all involved parties.

✨ Printing's Vibrant Future: This sale is a testament that printing is alive and well! With new machines being a costly investment, used equipment presents a viable alternative. Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. stands at the forefront as your trusted partner in used equipment. πŸ–¨οΈ

πŸ”„ A Legacy of Expertise: Our market presence is so strong that we're often buying and selling the same machine multiple times over!

πŸ’Ό Specializing in Success: Specializing in Used Offset Presses, Sheetfed, Web Offset, Bindery, Packaging, and Converting Equipment, we're seasoned experts ready to assist in your next project.

πŸ“ž Let's Connect: Looking to buy or sell machinery? Contact Machinery Solutions Group, Inc. We're here to help you through every step, ensuring your project's success.

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